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New employees training

New employee’s Training


The training program offered to new employees of organizations is one the most significant stages of their training during their service. At this stage and by gaining hands-on experience in their field of study, new employees learn how to apply their knowledge to real projects. Thus, the gap between the new employees’ theoretical knowledge and the practical needs of oil industries is reduced to a minimum and new employees acquire essential competencies they need for entering industry.

With many years of experience in the field of training new employees, Rhahavaran Fonoon Petrochemical Company takes advantage of a wide range of educational aids and facilities to train new employees of organizations. 

 General Orientation of training programs

Training programs for the improvement of technical competencies

Training programs for the improvement of general competencies

Training programs for the improvement of managerial and supervising competencies


Educational Planning

Taking professions, organizational positions and the levels of education of trainees into consideration, planning the training process of new employees can be accomplished in 5 stages. The following chart illustrates these stages

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