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Company at a glance

About us

Rahavaran Fonoon Petrochemical Company (RFPC) was established in 1998 in order to achieve goals and policies of National Petrochemical Industries Company based on development of training activities to improve employees’ knowledge and to train new recruits. According to the agreement and consortium formation   from German companies (GIZ – ABB), supervised by National Petrochemical Industries Company, to achieve the goal of qualitative and quantities improvement of training employees, this company purchased and installed the newest training equipments. Moreover, to start up and utilize workshops, instructors were trained in abroad centers simultaneously


So far, this company has trained over 14000 new employees for petrochemical industries and different sections of oil, gas and refinery. To explain more, over 5000 employees working for oil and petrochemical companies are being trained yearly. Besides, training of industrial experts of countries such as Iraq and Malaysia, this company visited modern industries and technologies of European and Asian countries including, Spain, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Turkey, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates and south Africa. With the purpose of achieving its major policy to overcome challenges and assist companies with the solution of their problems and to develop activities and consultative services, this company opted qualified consultants as its business partner in technical areas of research and market, optimizing energy use, strategic planning and futures studies, improvement, quality efficiency and management standards, financial and economic studies, efficient and general maintenance and repairs, project planning, HSE, human resources, psychology, Carbone management. Furthermore, this company uses highly – qualified instructors’ experiences to offer consultative services
This company is proud to contribute to human resource department through building a culture of self – esteem, growth and innovation in workplace in Iran
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